B-8 Workgroup Update

It’s been quite a few months since our Steering Committee meeting of Aug. 30, when all your hard work was presented to our Steering Committee. The Steering Committee was followed in early September with a strategic planning retreat for our Executive Committee (the Birth to Eight Roadmap co-chairs), and a great deal of work on the organizations and decision-making structures of the Roadmap partnership overall. The powerpoint deck and the summary notes from the Steering Committee meeting are available in this google drive for your review.

We are happy to share the following changes and progress:

  • The Roadmap partnership now has dedicated staff for the organization and facilitation of the work. Called the “Organizing Partners,” DPS, the Mayor’s Office of Children’s Affairs and Mile High United Way each have staff dedicated to the Roadmap work. An Overview document details how the Organizing Partners work with others across the Roadmap and is also available on the google drive.
  • Eddie Koen from Mile High United Way joins the Executive Committee as a fifth co-chair (along with Happy Haynes, Barbara O’Brien, Don Mares and Erin Brown).
  • We are working closely with the DPS communications team to create a new, non-DPS-branded Road to Reading website with enhanced communications and status reporting tools and updates. As soon as this is ready, we will send out a link.
  • Our next phase of work will primarily focus on going deep in one neighborhood – Westwood – to ensure we have ample time and opportunity to hear both from those of you doing work in the neighborhood, and to connect with multiple family and community groups in the neighborhood to hear their perspectives. By piloting in one neighborhood, we will be able to test out the process and undergo a feedback and update process prior to adding more neighborhoods. The Implementation Guide document on the google drive provides a high level overview of the next 6 months of work. Work that is being done at a systems level will continue at a systems level.

In order to support our next phase of work in the Westwood neighborhood, please take the survey here to provide feedback on how your organization engage with families and children in Westwood.

Thank you for all you do,

Kendra Wilhelm